Improve your sales pipeline

Are you having difficulties filling the top of the funnel? Is it taking too much time and effort of your sales team to fill the top of your pipeline with qualified prospects? Or do you struggle in finding the right way to reach out to your potential clients?

What is the average time spent per deal stage?

Does your sales team spend too much time on finding prospects, instead of closing deals? Or could the process from prospecting to closing the deal be more efficient? Let us help you and your team in discovering the best way to improve your sales organization.

For each opportunity it is important to know their journey from prospect to closing. Where is the leak and where can you improve?

What is the conversion rate per deal stage?

Your conversion rate depends on a variety of subjects. To increase your CVR from stage to stage, lead data is the key to your improvement strategy.

Over the last years, we’ve gained valuable insights from our collected lead data in multiple industries, geographies, company sizes, etc. This granted us the expertise in finding the right prospects for each target group and how to communicate with them to turn the conversation into an opportunity.

What qualifications are needed for an opportunity to move through our sales pipeline?

Knowing your qualifiers per deal stage will help with moving your opportunities into the closing stage. Most companies have an average of 4 – 5 stages with 3 – 4 qualifying questions.

A common used qualifying method in the discovery phase is the BANT qualification. Rather than waiting days or weeks to qualify leads using a score derived from the prospect’s behavior and engagement with marketing and sales materials, the sales team can get detailed information from the prospect about their budget, stakeholders, need, and timeframe.