Outsourcing Services by Linq Group: Your Solution for Business Growth and Sales Excellence

Unlock your company's full potential with Linq Group's Outsourcing services, designed to supercharge your sales pipeline and tackle your business development challenges. We provide you with top-tier professionals who seamlessly integrate with your team.

With the right talent on your side, your business is set to flourish. We help you build a robust sales pipeline that drives growth and ensures long-term success.

What is Linq Group Outsourcing All About?

Our sales outsourcing solutions equip your team with highly skilled Business Development Representatives (BDRs), eliminating the hassle of recruitment, training, compliance, and contract management.

Your dedicated BDR will be proficient in all facets of B2B sales and will work on-site at your office four days a week to deliver optimal results. Additionally, all our outsourced BDRs convene at the Linq Group office once a week for ongoing skill development.

Our mission is to fuel your business growth with the right talent and a mindset focused on achieving your development objectives.

The Advantages of Outsourcing with Linq Group

Hassle-Free Recruitment

Leave the recruitment to us. We find, vet, and train your BDR, all without any placement fees. Forget about the complexities of compliance and contract management; we’ve got it covered.

Maximize Your Lead Conversion

Our primary aim is to optimize your lead conversion and fill your sales pipeline effectively. We handle the hard work, leaving you to reap the rewards.

Never Miss an Opportunity

In business, opportunities are the lifeline for growth and sustainability. Our skilled BDRs are trained to identify and capitalize on these opportunities, ensuring that none slip through the cracks.