Grow your network

Lead generation on LinkedIn is more than creating new business opportunities.

Create leads by growing your network

While filling your pipeline with qualitative leads, we additionally grow your network with the right people. Every month, you will get over 75 new connections with qualified decision makers on LinkedIn.

Why is it relevant to grow your network on LinkedIn?

Increasing your connections on LinkedIn will lay the foundation for creating new sustainable relationships. Moreover, by growing your network with relevant decision makers, you will stay on top of mind, causing more awareness for your organization and expand the organic reach of your marketing campaigns.

If you want to increase your sales, stop selling. Adding value is key and should be your main focus if you want to get the most value out of your network.

Who are your new connections?

Every month, we will create a list with prospects that fit your target audience. After your approval, we will reach out to 75-100 of the qualified prospects (weekly) by manually sending connection requests and initiating conversations through our crafted communication strategies.