Huiskamer Hypotheken

Jannus Deijkers, Founder of Huiskamer Hypotheken

Our name says it all. Huiskamer Hypotheken is a franchise organisation in the mortgage sector. We say it with a nod: there is no room for ties. We like to stand beside the customer, rather than above them. Customers need to understand everything that is said. Hospitality, easy vocabulary, and no small print.


We started with a small office in 2017. By the end of 2018, our ambition to set up a franchise organization was realized. New organizations started joining in 2019. At this point, we were growing rapidly. The departments grew along with the number of franchises and even had marketing departments, mid- and back offices.

At one point, we had eight franchise offices. Yet, we concluded they did not actually do any acquisition of their own. The current eight franchise offices came out of our own network and at that point, we saw the potential of acquisition. This is when we were ready to grow and chose to have a partnership with The Linq Group.


We have the ambition to grow as an organisation. Together with The Linq Group, we looked for the right target group and communication strategy. Which persona suits Huiskamer Hypotheken the best? In practice, this was a difficult question to answer. A question we could only answer during an actual meeting.

We targeted financial advisers with a general communication strategy. At some point, The Linq Group and Huiskamer Hypotheken went back to the drawing board. This revealed that focusing on a broader target group would be a better fit.


We had many scheduled meetings and many candidates to talk to, but were they the right fit for us? We had to be critical at some point: who fits and who does not? At some point, we decided to make the communication strategy even more specific.

Our collaboration has only been going on for three months, but we already managed to close two concrete deals. Both candidates signed the contract. Moreover, there are six promising prospects in the pipeline and the cooperation with The Linq Group has already paid off. Our goal for 2022 was to have five new franchise offices to join. Looking at the long term, this is already looking quite promising. A great perspective for the future!

What did Huiskamer Hypotheken get out of the cooperation, besides generating leads?

We learned that we can be strict in taking on candidates for new franchises. Since we generated a lot of meetings, we had the possibility to be selective with choosing the right franchise candidates. Furthermore, the way I conduct interviews have also improved. The more you participate to this kind of meetings, the better you get!

During the Lunch & Learn organized by The Linq Group, we learned practical tips and tricks about the LinkedIn Algorithm. This gave us new insights, which we are using up until this day.

Which advice would Jannus Deijkers from Huiskamer Hypotheken give?

If I was to give a tip to my colleagues on how to conduct a conversation, it would be simple: Be yourself. Write in general terms who you are. Authenticity works the best and that is what he also noticed during LinkedIn posts. Not everyone is the same and certainly not in today’s business world.

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