Lead data

We create the insights you need to create a successful sales pipeline by integrating comprehensive data and innovative technology.

Lead database

Modern businesses move at an incredible pace. An increasingly global economy, new technologies and competitors, and constant social disruptions are forcing fundamental change so quickly that it is nearly impossible to keep up.

But the right lead data can help. For sales teams, this means powerful services and tools that can harness insights from a flood of data, freeing people to focus on what they do best:

Talking to customers and closing deals.

What data do we generate?

In the past four years of running our lead generation campaigns for multiple industries, we have gathered the right amount of data to create a comprehensive lead database.

Here’s an example of the data we are generating for our clients:

  • Lead data
  • company data
  • CVR data
    • Conversion ratio per communication strategy
    • Conversation ratio per target audience
  • ROI data

Why is lead data important for your business?

You can improve your productivity by integrating our comprehensive data and innovative technology with your existing CRM system.

Our API feeds your database with complete prospect data to support your campaigns.

Get exclusive B2B lead insights: from verified email addresses, direct-dial business phone and mobile numbers to the right decision makers within different industries, and most importantly; a scheduled meeting right into your calendar.

More time to focus on what's important

There is an art to sales. Whether you are building a sustainable relationship or crafting the perfect introductory message, the ability to establish a genuine connection cannot be replaced.

But there is also a science to this process. At The Linq Group, we are determined to keep testing, refining, optimizing and repeating the tactical elements of sales, so your sales organisation can spend more time on building strong relationships and delighting customers with your product or service.