Free a Girl

Fighting for justice with lawyers of the future.

A non-profit organization which strives for a world without sexual exploitation.

You probably remember the Lock Me Up campaign, in which famous people locked themselves in a cage for 12 hours to create awareness for underaged girls who are being sexually exploited. Free a Girl is an organization that fights for a world free of sexual exploitation. They provide direct aid to victims and access to justice. They are currently active in eight countries and have already been able to liberate and rehabilitate more than 5.000 girls.

Yet, there is still a long way to go.


Free a Girl focuses on two types of markets; the private and the business market. Within the private market, Free a Girl carried out various campaigns, both online and physically. Events played a major role for Free a Girl, but when COVID-19 came around, a turning point for Free a Girl arose. They could no longer depend on one big money flow per year; a stable and structural income was needed. Free a Girl decided to warm up the private market through Social Media.

Besides the private market, the business market also had to be addressed. After a decrease in stability from large funds, it was time for a new form of income for this market. Free a Girl worked from her own network, but with nine people, the network was exhausted rather quickly. A new flow of connections was needed.

With their large events and the certainty of large funds, Free a Girl mainly relied on their own network and relations and never used cold calling or any other form of lead generation before. The uncertainty continued to grow and Free a Girl needed to spread the word even more. With the focus on SME’s, they started looking for an innovative way to expand their network of business partners.

“Apart from just converting leads into prospects, The Linq Group really thinks along with you. They are there for you from A to Z”

Anne Vis, Communication Officer Free a Girl


The Linq Group strives for the best fit. At first, marketing and PR from the directors’ level seemed to be the right fit for Free a Girl. Many positive messages flooded in. Everyone wanted to think along with Free a Girl and develop campaigns together. However, this was not the outcome that The Linq Group and Free a Girl were looking for, but it did contribute to the increase of Free a Girl’s awareness.

Briefly, Free a Girl wanted people to become their business partner. Despite the fact that marketing and PR was not the right fit at the moment, valuable contacts were developed that could be useful in the future. To expand their current network of Business Partners, The Linq Group and Free a Girl searched for a fit that suited with the School-for-Justice program. Here, victims get the opportunity to become the best lawyers, para-legals, police officers, social workers, sociologists and journalists in their country, so that they can join Free a Girl in the fight against the sexual exploitation of children. The campaign continued with entrepreneurs in the legal sector. That is when we found the sweet spot!


Even though the campaign is still in full swing, many new contacts have already become valuable business partners. One of these new relations even established a significant amount of annual contribution for several years. Free a Girl will continue to increase their brand awareness and expand their network of business partners with newly developed warm relationships, together with The Linq Group.


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