RS Finance

Accountants with courage.

Accountants with courage

Building an optimal financial household? That’s quite a trade of its own, but RS Finance manages it perfectly. They specialize in developing and permanently optimizing a rock-solid financial administration and contribute to healthy growth.


With their solution adding value to their growing client base, the team of RS Finance has to grow accordingly. Recruitment, however, always remains a challenge. After trying lots of different ways, RS Finance kept having trouble finding the right people as financials are very difficult to find. There are simply too many jobs and too few people. 

Before coming to the Linq Group, they tried everything; external recruitment agencies, Job-board, independent recruiters, advertising campaigns via LinkedIn, member-to-member actions, and so on. In doing so, they were happy with the results it delivered, but it was still not enough for the growth that RS Finance is currently experiencing. Their main discovery was that an internal recruiter sourcing LinkedIn was the most successful route, but also very time-consuming with too little result for the effort made. After three years of scouring the entire Randstad area, the show was over and they were ready for the next step in their recruitment strategy.

“Small-scale and personal; that suits our approach perfectly.”

Arjan Schipperus, Managing Partner


Knowing what their challenges were, RS Finance needed a solution. Through its parent company, RS Finance saw how successful the Linq Group way of selling is and were eager to apply it to recruitment. Together with the The Linq Group team they dove right into setting up the campaign.

The Linq Group applied a new way of finding the right talent. Different than the usual and standard approach and use of LinkedIn as a platform of finding applicants, the Linq Group utilized their database and adjusted lead generation services to develop a special approach for candidates. The first step was to find the right people. Based on job profiles, The Linq Group was able to create a detailed search. The goal was not only to find Assistant Accountants and Relationship Managers, but also to build a high-quality network with potentials.

All these results were reflected in the Linq Group application where RS Finance could see the progress at one glance. In addition, a weekly meeting took place where the results were discussed and the strategies amended appropriately.


RS Finance has achieved wonderful results in a very short time. In no less than three months RS Finance hired two candidates and the recruitment funnel has been filled with promising candidates. There have been 64 conversations through Sales Navigator, of which eight were actual introductions through telephone. Not only did The Linq Group help to fill their vacancies and funnel, they also helped improving their social presence. They established an impressive number of new online relationships with 400+ new connections. The Linq Group’s services contributed on a strategic level for reaching RS Finance’s goals by changing their way of sourcing. The impact The Linq Group made was substantial and left a positive mark within RS Finance recruitment team. 


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