Nurture Your Network and Create Opportunities

You have an extensive LinkedIn network. You want to put it to good use for your business. It is a given that people are more likely to do business with you if they know you can deliver. But how can you use your LinkedIn network to achieve this trust? The answer is simple: engage!

Your LinkedIn network consists of valuable people. From former colleagues, to existing customers, to likeminded individuals in the same field of work. Everybody has their expertise and credibility among their own network. The opportunities are broader than you think, and not seizing them is a waste of your connections.

We understand the value of relationships, that’s why we provide three ways of nurturing them in your existing network. Get ready to get the most out of your LinkedIn connections!

  • Like, comment & share

Having a durable relationship with a LinkedIn connection can benefit your business greatly. To achieve this, maintenance is key. But don’t worry, maintaining a relationship doesn’t have to involve a full bouquet of flowers every week. On LinkedIn, it can be as simple as a like, share or comment.

  • Update something for yourself

In the process of building durable LinkedIn connections, it is highly essential to show yourself through your profile. Don’t be afraid to share a success with your network, whether it’s professional or personal. Give your network a reason to trust.

Also, don’t hold back on sharing positive coverage about other people in your network. Dedicate a post of appreciation to a valuable customer, or to one of your closest colleagues. Regularly updating your profile with a quality post will get you those likes, shares and comments that you’ve been giving out so ambitiously!

  • Referrals

As we mentioned, people are more likely to do business with you if they know you can deliver. And what is a better way to let them know than the classic word-of-mouth strategy? If people hear about you from people they trust, they will find you! This is why a referral is a valuable way to use your LinkedIn network to gather business.

Your company has probably done some amazing jobs already, and built solid relationships through doing business. Ask these relationships for a referral and let it work its magic. But remember, referrals are a two-way street. Try to give something in return for it. This way you also nurture the relationship between you and the referring party: a win-win!

Ready, set, sell!

Follow these tips for engaging with your LinkedIn network and you will notice your numbers going up. Bottom line, doing business is all about building and nurturing relationships. These are the words we live by and we would like to assist you in wherever it seems necessary.

Discover how we can grow your network with valuable connections by contacting us. And remember: ENGAGE!